Wednesday, April 26, 2006

How did I get here? Part 2

Ahh.... where were we? Oh yes...

I was born! And the Angels sang! It was in a poor shack of a house. Just up on the hill. Leaky roof. And outhouse in back. I was delivered on a dirt floored room by candle light during the worst blizzard ever seen in those parts.

*** Um, Steven... we aren't buying this!***

Oh, come on. Everyone else has cool Biographies. :(

Ok, ok.

In the middle of the night, special force commandos broke into my father's palace and kidnapped me.

*** Uhhhh hummmm!!!!!!***

Come on! That would explain a lot of things! My brother and I don't look anything alike. And there is no way I'm claiming my sister. (Unless of course she comes bearing Almond M&Ms.)

All right. All right. Prepared to be bored.

I was born in the hospital at White Hall, Illinois. We lived 5 miles away in the town of Roodhouse. Both towns together were probably 4000 people. I was born on March 12th which I was told was Girl Scout's Day. Which I was told if I were a girl I would have gotten a cute little GS outfit. Thank goodness for little miracles.

I grew up in your typical house. Three bedroom ranch. Fenced in backyard. Quiet street with nice neighbors. Dad worked at the nearby secret labororatory for making chemical weapons.

*** Steven!!??!! ***

Ok, he worked on virusus or stuff like that. I just know there were dogs and cows and stuff like that there. It was always cool to visit. Mom stayed home with the kids. I went to Kindergarten in Roodhouse. It was the AM class. I remember walking to school. It was probably only 5 blocks away. I remember my sister walked to the a differenct building for 2nd-5th grade. But sometimes if we timed it right we could see each other walking the same direction but blocks apart. There was also a dog I didn't like. I avoided that house. I have several memories from Kindergarten. But the one that stays with me the most is the day the teachers thought it would be funny to play an April Fools joke on us. After watching a movie they said we had been bad and needed to line up for a spanking. We were in tears. My life was flashing before me. I think at that point they realized it wasn't a funny joke.

But by the time Kindergarten was almost out, in late April, my brother decided to come along. According to my parents he was the only planned one. My sis and I just "happened". I guess they thought the house was too small and that summer we moved to the big town of White Hall. I mean come on... there was at least 2400 people in that town. The house my parents bought was the best house ever. I still remember going through it for the first time when we were just looking. It was HUGE. I mean HUGE! And one little old lady lived there. (I thought she was old... but she was probably only in her 40s.) The house was built around the 1890s. A full two story house with a roof that went way up. Kelly will never believe how big it was. Says it was just my impression as a child. But come on... how many houses have like 14 rooms... 5 doors going into the house from the outside... 3 stairways to the second floor... 2 stairways to the basement... and did I mention the ceilings were like 10 foot high. I have so many memories of that house. It is definately one of the best parts of my childhood. But I don't want to kill you with those.

So they bought the house. "Is this Heaven?" "No, this is Iowa." And everyone lived happily ever after.

You guys have suffered enough. No need to continue the pain. Happy ending. Everything is good. All is well.

"Come on Steve, (that is what KJ calls me, even though she knows my name is SteveN)I pick my fingers until the flesh is falling out. I bite my lips until they bleed. I like pain. I like it"

Ok, I will continue.

One of my best friends in White Hall was a guy named Jeff Grizzle. Same age. Just down the road about two blocks. He was probably one of the roughest looking kids you would ever see. Wirery. Freckles. Always dirty. Tangle of hair on his head. And those were his good quailities. He cussed. He was a trouble maker. This is the kind of kid that played with matches. He taught me how to steal candy. We got busted once. Owner didn't do anything. But I about died from the embarrassement.

I honestly was a good kid. Smart in school. Well mannered. Very introverted and quiet. I liked to build things. And ride my bike. You could have taken anything away from me when I was a child. You could have taken my soul. But not my bike. It was my life. Although one of the good kids, I was never one of the popular ones. I didn't wear the fancy clothes. I got picked last in most games. I think I can count my grade school girlfirends on one hand. Ahh... and Jamie Smith... Jamie Smith was just a dream. A dream that legends and myths are made of. She's probably still rated one of the top 5 most beautiful people in the world. Honest. :)

Ok, I see your eyes getting heavy. I will leave it be for now. There are so many details and so many stories. But really we need to get through this so I can write about my every day stuff. Heck, I think I'll start writing about it anyway. I can always cut back to the childhood again.

Articles to come...

How did I get here? Part 3 (The Dark Years)

My Top 5 Lists (I'll give some insight to me by giving a list of my top 5 ... favorite foods... movies of all times... pet peeves... indulgences... fictional characters I'd like to "do"... and others. If you have any ideas for top 5 lists please let me know.)

Well... the lunch break is over. So that is all I have to say.


At 5:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's about time!...I've been dying for the continuation. I can't believe you weren't popular, SteveN. I mean with those big doe eyes and all :)

PS Don't tell Kelly!

At 10:31 PM, Blogger KJ said...

It's about time, S-T-E-V-E! Or, would you prefer Stevie? Smooches...

At 8:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad it was finally updated! What took you so long??? Can't wait for your next installment! Are you going to make us wait until Memorial Day? ;)


At 8:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quite the story teller. When's the next installment coming?


At 11:46 AM, Blogger psucolleen said...

You do know all the Boodles call you "Steve", too, right? But we do not call her KJ... nor Kelly Jo (well... occasionally I do but she's so not a Kelly Jo).

I'll pop some popcorn for the next installment....


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