Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Memorial Weekend

Before the extended weekend even got here we got some really good storms. A nice hard rain on Wednesday. And then more of the same on Thursday with a "Tornadic cell" that went just North of Jasper and was headed straight to Celestine before it died out.

Luckily things dried up before the weekend. Did the backyard camping thing with the girls and my brother and nephew on Saturday night. It wasn't too hot. This was their first time and we had to do the basics...

Grill hotdogs

Roast Marshmallows

Make Smores

Tell campfire stories

Go for a midnight (okay, it was really on 10pm) walk with flashlights

The kids also liked helping put up the tent. Kelly wanted to bet me $50 that at least one kid wouldn't make it all night in the tent. I didn't know what to expect so I couldn't take the bet. But they all made it through the night with everyone sleeping soundly until 7am.

Sunday afternoon we tried to go fishing. But I picked a really bad spot. It was too far to walk to and offered no protection from the shade. The sun was beating down and we were dying. We had packed a picnic lunch but there was no way that was happening. Jacob was the only one that wasn't ready to go. But after 30 minutes McKenna was almost in tears she was so hot. So we retreated back to the cool confines of the basement and laid out our picnic lunch there.

The evening was spent at the pool. The kids could live there. Really. I don't know how they do it. But after 2 hours McKenna was getting a headache. And we needed to start getting back home for dinner. The kids talked about how they wanted to go camping again. They were all in agreement to go again. But I kept telling them "we'll see."

Evening is getting late we decided to eat leftovers. As I am getting stuff out for dinner the kids are watching some tv. Ends up Mara falls asleep on the couch without dinner and McKenna falls asleep on Mara's bed (watching someone play on the computer) without dinner. Poor kids. No camping Sunday night.

Monday was nice as we got to spend the day with Momma. We don't get to do that much. We didn't do a whole lot but did go swimming again that evening. Momma was mean to my babies. Splashing them and dunking them.

Yesterday Kelly and the girls went to Mt. Carmel. McKenna got dropped off with Aunt Kasara afterwards. Tonite Kelly's parents will bring her back and come watch Mara's second Tee-ball game.

My Top 5 ...

... Most Dreaded House Chores

1. Putting away girls clothes - I think this my least favorite. But since I never do it, it is hard to remember. Plus Kelly has banned me from doing it (I'm not sure if I don't hang it up right or if it is because I can't tell whose clothes is whose). So it is a win-win. Oh, and I didn't mention the VOLUME of clothes those kids go through.
2. Cleaning the kitchen floor - I gotta admit to not doing this one much either. And boy do the girls ever trash up the floor. It could get swept and mopped every day and still look trashed come bed time.
3. Ironing - I don't think this should even be included as Kelly or I neither iron. Ever. Unless there is like a wedding or a funeral. We both hate it.
4. Bathrooms - I hate cleaning bathrooms. Just a pain to clean around the sinks. Then you have the kamode and tub. It's just yucky. And now that the cleaning lady is gone Kelly may ask that I share in some of this pain.
5. Picking up the basement - If the kids are allowed to go too long without cleaning the basement it gets bad. I mean World War I mine field bad. Very scary.


At 4:43 PM, Anonymous Ann said...

You're such an awesome dad. These are the times your girls will remember the most!


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