Monday, May 22, 2006

Over the Hedge, Tee-ball, and the Sprinkler

Friday night we went out to eat and hit a movie. Opening weekend for Over the Hedge. The girls had been bombarded with enough advertising to kill a small mammal. So we had to go. Not that KJ and I were complaining. But it seems like years since I've seen a movie for adults. The movie was good (I put it above Madagascar and The Wild) but not great. Kids were good. So it was a good night.

Saturday, Mara had her first Tee-ball game at noon. Girls had a late breakfast so I figured we could eat afterwards. As typical, we were running behind of when I wanted to leave. Getting three girls going in the same direction is impossible. What are we going to do when they actaully start wearing makeup and stuff!?!?!

We got to the park right at noon. I was glad to see that the other game was still playing and Mara's team was warming up with some pitch-n-catch. Mara got her softball shirt. Number 6. She looked so cute.

Game starts and Mara's team, the Diamonds, bat first. Mara is the first to bat. They get three chances off the pitching machine and then they bat off the tee. Mara didn't get a hit off the machine. But I was impressed that her timing was better. Before she was practically swinging at the ball after it had passed the plate. She nailed her first swing off the tee and easily got to first. And even if a kid is tagged out, they still get to run all the bases. Each side bats their entire lineup with the last person running all the bases after they get their hit. Each team batted twice and the game was over. Mara really seemed to enjoy it.

While she was playing. The girls were getting hungry. Concession stand had hotdogs and hamburgers so I let them get lunch while we watched Mara. With McKenna getting a cheeseburger (with extra cheese) and Micah getting this huge hot dog, I didn't bother getting anything for myself knowing I'd be finishing off about half of each.

Mara got done and got a cheese burger too. All three girls were great at sitting and eating while we watched the second game. Surprisingly all of them finished their food and said they were still hungry. Nachos and cheese to the rescue. With of course Micah and McKenna just wanting to dip their fingers in the cheese sauce.

As it always is with these girls, they were making friends out of strangers. Kelly would have died if she had seen me just let them run around like I did. But I let them play without standing over them. And I always knew where they were... well, at least most of the time. :)

That evening I grilled out porkchops. And while I was grilling I had a horrible pain in my stomach. Then it finally dawned on me... I forgot to eat lunch. I was going to eat leftovers from the girls but they ate it all. Well, its not like I'd hurt me to miss a meal or two. lol I hate to brag, but I'll do it anyway... those were some damn find chops! KJ even said so, and she isn't shy about telling me when things aren't right (which I don't mind and actually like). And the girls all wanted seconds of the chops.

Sunday was a lazy day. Normally we would hit Wal-mart about once a week. But after the last blood bath there I wasn't ready to go back. After lunch, I broke out the sprinkler for the girls. It was nice out and didn't think it would be too cool. I cleaned out the van while they played. I still can't figure out how three little girls can bring so much dirt and yuck into the van. I swear i vacuumed for a solid hour. And then cleaning and armoralling for another hour.

The girls were having fun laying out on their towels and reading magazines (which consisted of an x-ray tech publication and an accounting one as well as some Disney flyers). They also hit the trampoline some too. And the swingset.

But later afternoon they came back inside to rest and watch The Muppet Show. It was then that I realized that I didn't put any sunscreen on the girls. Ugh! Momma is gonna kill me!!!

Around 5 they are hungry so I give them some cheese for a snack. Within 15 minutes Mara is coming to me telling me she has a headache. She looks like she is in alot of pain. I get in the medicine cabinet and get out some of the pink stuff. Don't ask me what it is... but it IS for headaches. I poor some in a cup and it comes out in a glob. Yuck! Nothing else in the cabinet. What to do? I let her drink the glob.

She is in alot of pain. Doesn't want a wash cloth. Doesn't want touched. And within a couple minutes she is puking in the sink. I ask her if she wants to lay down in the shower (her favorite place to be when she is sick). But she asks to sleep on our bed. I tuck her in and get her a puke bucket. Kelly was wondering if it was possibly a migraine although it didn't seem like she had the normal side effects that go with. But it just seemed really odd that she had such a horrible headache right before. But by dinner time she had rested up and felt good enough to eat.

This week I go pick up a tent from a friend. The girls and I, along with Uncle Brian and J-man, are planning some backyard camping for this weekend. Need to plan on some hot dog roasting and smores!! :)

Top 5 of the day... Movies I could watch over and over again (granted these aren't Favorite Movies of all time. Just those that I can't seem to turn off when they show up on TV.
Ever After – I think I’m secretly in love with Drew Barrymore. I love watching her in any movie. Well, except for ET. But what I really like is “period” movies. Anything that takes place from like 1500-1700 is cool. I don’t know how Kelly slept through The Three Musketeers.
The Princess Bride - "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." This is just one of those cheap corn-ball movies that you just can't pull yourself away from. But the writing is good, the characters are funny, and the movie knows that it is a corn-ball movie and it isn't pretending to be something different.
Doc Hollywood - Vialula. Michael J. Fox is just one of those very charasmatic actors. Vialula. And I really like the southern hick town setting. Vialula. And did I mention Vialula. She's hot. Smokin'. And MJF is just funny. And Vialula gets naked. Did I mention she is smokin'? This movie also makes me think of the country song "Watermelon Crawl".
The American President – I don't know why I like this movie. I don't. I just get engaged in it every time it is on.
The Thomas Crown Affair – Brosnan is just cool. He's a guy's guy. Just oozes smoothness. And the movie is just clever. Rene is quite alluring on the tropical island retreat. And bowler hats are sweet. I didn't even realize it was a remake until I looked it up on I may have to check out the original. I do love older movies.


At 5:17 PM, Anonymous Ann said...

You need to think back further. What about 'Son in Law' with Pauly Shore. Now there is a movie to watch over and over. And how many times have you watched 'Grease'? Hello, every girl wants to be Olivia Newton John at the end.

At 10:34 AM, Blogger Stevie Jo said...

You need to check out "Laws of Attraction" w/ Pierce Brosnan and Julianne Moore. I hope you don't enjoy it for the same reasons I do... Pierce is HOT when he speaks in his native Irish accent!!

I KNEW You were a Princess Bride guy!! I can pick them out anywhere!


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