Monday, May 08, 2006

Potato Salad, Trampolines, and ... oh, I'm an idiot

Had a great weekend. Didn't get as much done around the house as I wanted. But it was good.

Friday night we ran to Evansville so that Kelly could drop off a layout at Schmitt. Girls and I just went along for the ride. Afterward we hit Steak N Shake. I love that place. I wish they would put one in Jasper. Chili Mac rules. I so wanted to try something else. Taco Salad sounded good. But I couldn't get myself to pass on the Chili Mac.

Saturday morning the girls and I headed to Wal-Mart for some heavy shopping. Man that place kills ya. Never out of there for less than $100. And often closer to $200. The girls enjoy Wal-Mart. We often spend over 2 hours in there. And if they had their way we could spend an entire day. I think they enjoy going with me more than Momma. She is a little more uptight. Daddy is a little more laid back. They get to "experience" more of the store with me. My visions of Kelly at the store with the girls is Mara, McKenna, and Micah walking behind Kelly with orange jumpsuits and their ankles shackled together. Marching in cadence as Mara leads them in "That's the sound of the man, working on the chain... gaaaaaang! da da da dum"

My brother, his wife, and my nephew came over Saturday afternoon. The girls played with Jacob, and my Homie and I prepped for dinner. He marinated the steaks I got from the locak meat processor and I put away groceries and started boiling potatos. I've never made Potato Salad. But have always wanted to. It ended up turning out really good. A little bland... needed more salt and pepper. I can never get that right. And KJ suggested vinegar.

Grilled out steaks. Dinner was good. Didn't get to play with J-man (nephew) as much as I would have liked. But it was a busy day. And him and the girls were enjoying themselves. Memorial Weekend will be sweet. I think he'll be down for 2 nights. Need to do something fun. Maybe even go camping in the backyard!

Sunday the girls and I got a slow start. Made some Cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Then they had to get baths since they went to bed the night before without one. After lunch Mara had Tee Ball practice. I felt bad since I hadn't been able to practice with her before hand. So we all loaded up to go watch Mara. They practiced some pitch-n-catch. And then went over for some batting practice off of the pitching machine. Yes! The pitching machine! I couldn't believe it. This was Mara's first year. These kids are only around 6 years old. And they are getting them in front of a machine. Only one kid got a hit off the machine. After so many misses then they hit off the tee. Mara actually hit one foul off the machine. That was impressive. She seemed to enjoy it

Afterwards we went home and I worked on fixing my lawn mower. The mower itself is fine but the hood was loose. I had to take it off. And rig it up with a piece of wood and some bolts and screws. I was impressed with the finished project. I'm not very mechanical. But it was gonna do. The whole time I was fixing the lawn mower the girls were on the neighbor's trampoline. They love that thing.

After I fixed the mower I mowed the yard. Had to test drive the iPod while I was out there. :) Girls jumped most of that time. When I was about done I saw Micah Jo Jo sitting on the trampoline by herself. She looked so sad. Had her head hanging down. I drove over to her. She was crying. She was breaking my heart! :( So of course I let her up on my lap and she finished mowing the lawn with me. That fixed everything.

While weed-eating, the girls jumped some more. I swear they jumped for 5 hours this weekend. Crazy! (They were pretty dirty too. The black stuff comes off that trampoline bad. Kelly would NOT have liked that.) Afterwards the girls went over to the neighors to play. But the little girl had gotten hurt and they didn't stay long. We came back home in time to start cleaning up the house for Momma.

Really good weekend overall. Oh, and I'm an idiot. I was thinking THIS Sunday was Mother's Day. Oops. Good news is I still have time to get my mom a card. Bad news is the girls bought flowers for Kelly at Wal-Mart. Kelly asked if she was going to get flowers again this weekend. :)

And just to make sure she has me where she wants me. Micah Jo Jo had to break out the tears again this morning. I started leaving for work and she came running out of the house. She has tears in her eyes. "Daddy, I don't want you to go." That was killing me. I gave her a hug and kiss and told her I'd be back. But that didn't kill me as much as driving away watching her wave as hard as she could with tears in her eyes.

Top 5 List for the Day...

...Soft Drinks
Dr. Pepper – I’m a Pepper, she’s a Pepper, wouldn’t you like to be a Pepper too? (Seeings how I don’t need the extra calories, I usually stay away from full sugar drinks. So really this should be Diet Dr. Pepper. Although I am fond of doing ½ Dr. Pepper ½ Diet Coke at the fountain machines. Great taste and half the calories. A trick an old coworker taught me.)
Coke Zero – Normally this would be Diet Dew. But man, I’ve gotten hooked on the Coke Zero. Can this really have no calories??
Diet Dew - Come on... you gotta Do the Dew!
Minute Maid Light – I think the Lemonade is the best. But all the other flavors are great. No diet taste and 10 calories. Can’t beat that.
Root Beer – This is one of those things that I really like but hardly ever partake of . I don’t know why. Just save it for those special treats. And add a couple scoops of ice cream and you're living the vida loca!

...Things I don’t like about me
Temper – I have more patience that most people I know. But when I lose my cool I am not a good person. Ugly is a better word.
Motivation – I wouldn’t say that I am lazy. But I can struggle when it comes to doing major projects. Let’s see… how far have I gotten on our unfinished basement?
I know too much – Well, maybe not. But sometimes I think I do. No one likes that.
I’m never wrong – It’s a difficult burden. But hey, someone has to be right all the time. Kelly hates this. And trust me. I'm not. But sometimes I think I am.
Too Introverted – Man I wish I could talk when I have nothing to say. You know… like Mara at the dinner table. :)


At 7:45 PM, Anonymous Lingerie Lover in E'ville said...

All the way to the BIG city on Friday, eh? And didn't come see me! I'm very, VERY hurt Steven!

In order to save money for more RIBBON, Diet Dr Thunder @ Wal-Mart is just as good as DIET DR Pepper.

At 8:28 PM, Blogger Steven said...

Dear Lingerie Lover -

What was I suppose to say "Hey, KJ mind if I drop you and the girls off at Michael's for an hour? Ann needs some luvin."


At 9:38 PM, Anonymous busted in E'ville said...

Or something like that!!!!!!!!

:) How did you know it was me? LOL

At 1:09 PM, Blogger KJ said...

You two are makin' me sick! Get a room! LOL! ;)


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