Thursday, May 18, 2006

The sun came out, Kindergarten rocks, and cartoons!

Finally! The sun peeked out a little Tuesday evening and Wednesday was just awesome. The rain stopped. It warmed up. It was just a super awesome day. And to add to the bonus, I had already planned for half a day of vacation! Whoo hoo!!

Wednesday started off sweet as I hit the Jasper Bakery for some doughnuts and cookies. The doughnuts were for a girl that I work with. She has a meeting every month that I usually skip out on. I told her I would make it this week and even bring doughnuts. So I got up early and went to the bakery and scored a couple dozen (one for her office and one for mine as it is a teleconfrence call). And heck, while I am there I think I'll just grab some of those sweet looking iced sugar cookies for afternoon snack. Oh yeah, I'm going to Kindergarten!!!!

So I drop off the doughnuts at the girls office. But she doesn't know they are coming so I gotta be smooth about it. With her back to the door and her typing away I lay them down on her desk and sneak out. On to my building. Not long until I get a call from her. I only played dumb for a minute. But I don't think she was going to eat them unless she knew where they came from.

Work flew by. Lots to do and I was getting stuff done. Had to get everything wrapped up by 11am to pick up McKenna so I was extra motivated. One thing about my job is the work doesn't go away when you take time off. It just piles up. Man it'd be nice to be an x-ray tech! ;-) (Just kidding KJ, you know I could never handle your job.)

So I grab McKenna and we head for home. Drop her off. Change into tennis shoes (I wore jeans to work) and back out the door with Mara. Just because it makes it more of an adventure, we hit the school cafeteria for lunch. You gotta wonder what the kids think about some old guy eating lunch with them. But I think Mara liked it as all kids wanted to say "Hi" to her. We had spagetti and green beans with pears and orange jello. I ate all mine like a good kid. Not bad, but a little bland. Spaghetti could use some Chipolte Tabasco sauce. Mara on the other hand... well if were were at home she wouldn't have gotten desert! lol

We got to the cafeteria late because Mara wanted to show me her journal first. So we were the last ones to eat and leave. Not much time for play before class started at 12:15, so we just stood outside with the other Kindergartners waiting to come in.

School was fun. The kids started off with their journal. Being my second time there, and seeing how eager I was to help out last time, the teacher was quick let me know what the kids would need help with. Rather than their normal one sentance and a picture, the teacher wanted them to write as much detail as they could. Most of them wrote at least 3 sentences. Very impressive for Kindergartners. And man can they read. I think they read more in Kindergarten than I read in 1st grade.

We also had music class (which all the kids got into) and then got to go play outside. At this time there were alot of older kids out there playing. We went to the tennis courts for warm up exercises. I didn't realize this at first. So as the kids are running, the teacher on duty is telling me. So I take off running after them. Chasing them down. They thought that was funny. Then we stand in a line (arm length apart) and do jumping jacks. We do all kinds of exerices and I just join right in.

Now while all this is happening all of the older kids who were playing started gathering around to check out the oddity in the Kindergarten class. When exercises are over they play a game where a kid stands in the middle and all the others are on one line. The kid names a color and then all the kids wearing that color have to run to the far side before being tagged. Mara, bless her heart, was the first kid to be in the middle. And wouldn't you know she didn't catch a single kid. Of course when she called my color I had to play with her a bit and let her catch me.

Later we got to have snack. Snack rules! I got White Milk! The other boys and I were debating white milk or chocolate milk. And the cookies were good. Nothing like bakery cookies.

After snack it was play time again. But this time with just the Kindergarteners outside. Last time I think all I did was push people on the swing and then (showed off) on the monkey bars. Impressing little kids may be easy. But it is still fun. After pushing on the swing this time, I decided to go play some kick ball with some other kids. I got the kids to line up and I would roll the ball to them and they would all get to kick it in turn. The athletic stud of the class nailed a line drive right at me... but of course I caught it.

We finished up the day with some reading. And then got ready to go home. Man, I think I could do this every week!

After getting home I started preping to mow the lawn. I let Mara ride the mower around the yard as Momma got ready for those two to go to Evansville. They were meeting up with Aunt Kasara to pick out a dress for the wedding.

Lawn got mowed while the girls played on the swing and jumped on the trampoline. After I was done the neighbor girl came over and jumped with them. McKenna then asked me so sweetly ("I beg your forgiveness!" Why she says this KJ and I do not know.) to have the neighbor girl come over for dinner. So we walked over and asked her dad. It was okay with them so we all came back and sat on the back deck. Orders were placed for Mayo & Cheese, Bologna & Cheese, and PB&J (strawberry jam). Along with two chocolate milks and a strawberry milk. So we ate a nice dinner outside in the perfect weather. My two girls of course talked more than they ate, but we got through it. Mint Chocolate Girl Scout Cookies for desert and then we walked the neighbor girl back home.

Girls in the bath. And I get a little computer time. Girls out of the bath and one show before bed. I was dead beat (Kindergarten is rough) so I laid down and the girls wanted to snuggle after their show. We all fell asleep until Momma and Mara got home. And of course I was a grump (sorry Kel) as I do not wake up well. Kids in bed and then back to sleep.

Man that was a good day.

Being in the Kindergarten Zone... I'll do a top 5 for cartoons. Now this isn't my favorite cartoons of all time. And probably isn't a top 5 of current cartoons. More of a top 5 of the cartoons that my girls watch frequently.

My Top 5 ...

...Cartoons my Kids Watch
1. Codename: Kids Next Door - This is probably on par with the all time best cartoons ever. It is definately geared to play to adults as there are so many references in the cartoon that kids wouldn't get. Kids with home-made weapons fighting off adult tyranny. Great stuff!
2. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends - This is the best slapstick humor I've seen in a long time. Kinda like Tom and Jerry with a ton of wit. And it is full of one liners that the girls, myself, and yes... KJ love to quote. "Ripoff Artist!"
3. Kim Possible - Yeah, I know. A girl show. But seriously this is good. And not just because she is hot. Yeah I know... she's only in high school. Oh, and she's a cartoon. But really there is great action in this cartoon. Sweet techno-gadgets. Awesome stunts. Great bad guys. And its funny. Really funny.
4. Power Puff Girls - I know. I know. Another girl show. This officially makes me cowboy (our new word for "gay". ie brokeback mountain). But there is some great violence in there. I mean blood, broken bones, teeth flying everywhere. These girls aren't as sweet as they look. And this is another one where the creators throw in alot of references for adults. You should see the "Beat-Alls" (Beatles) episode. It rocked!
5. Maggie and the Ferocious Beast - I'm not sure what it is about this cartoon. It's just sweet, and cute, and fun. I think this and Madeline are great as fun cartoons that are very "innocent". This is a nice relaxing show. Not an edge-of-your-seat energy show or side-splitting funny show.
Honorable Mention... Max and Ruby. It'd be good if I just didn't want to kick Max about every episode!


At 5:59 PM, Anonymous Ann said...

How many times do you hear, "Did you and mommy watch this when you were little?" WOW! How cartoons have changed from The Smurfs and Shirttails.


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