Friday, May 05, 2006

The Week in Review and My Top 5's

Busy week at work. Lately it has been that way. In by 7am and out by 6pm on many days. Which isn't horrible. But of course there are other places I'd rather be.

Tuesday evening Kelly and I went up to Kindergarten with Mara. The year is just about out and the kids showed the parents their Journals that they had done throught the year. It was really neat. Usually about once a week or so they would draw a picture and write a sentence about it. And it was always something that had done in the past week. It is really impressive what kids can do by themselves. Many of Mara's pictures had some great detail that you wouldn't expect from a six year old. We had a Pizza party afterwards. It was nice.

Thursday evening Kelly headed West to hook up with her mom and give her some of our stuff for the yard sale she is having this weekend. I had thought about trying to get some stuff done in the garage, but it was too nice of an evening. So I loaded up the girls and we went Jasper. Grabbed a pizza at Papa John and Cinnistix at Dominos. I'm particular about my Papa's and McKenna is particular about her Cinnistix. Then we took it to a local park and ate at a picnic table. We also saw Gentle Ben for the second time on the walking trail. Gentle Ben is a 120 pound Great Pyrennes dog. The dog is more like a Polar Bear. Pure white and huge. Fluffy too. Micah Jo Jo kept saying he was a soft pillow while snuggling her face into him. The owners are very friendly and were glad we came over. Apparenlty Gentle Ben LOVES kids.

Not sure what all is going on this weekend. Mara has her first T-ball practice on Sunday. And I haven't even tried getting with her to play pitch-n-catch yet. Ugh!

Saturday is the Kentucky Derby. A friend of mine is BIG into horse racing. It is like his second passion behind Golf. He's been giving me some lessons on reading the racing forms and betting it. I think it is cool. Lots of numbers/trends/data to crunch. Financial Analysts love that. :) So after looking it over I'm having him place some $1 bets for me. Can't bet more... or we might not be able to afford our much needed scrapbooking supplies. I've always wondered... if it came down to it... and we were desperate... would our last bit of grocery money go to milk and bread or cardstock and ribbon?

Sunday will be Mother's Day. But Momma has to work. She already got her gift (iPod nano) a week and a half ago, and she got breakfast in bed last Sunday. Which reminds me... I never did get a card to my mom in the mail. :(

Ok... here it is. In order to give a little more insight into me, I started working on some "Top 5" lists. I was going to list them all in one post. But KJ thought that would be overkill. She suggested adding one to the end of each post. I like that idea. But I wanna put a few out there for my first Top 5 post.

My Top 5 ...

… Favorite Things

1. Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
2. Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes
3. Brown paper packages tied up in string
4. Crisp apple strudel
5. Snowflakes that stay on your nose and eyelashes

… Web Sites
1. – I'm inquisitive as heck and a fact geek. I’m just about at google any time any odd thought pops in my head. Jesus Christ’s missing years? Google! How to kill fleas? Google! Who the heck is that actor? I know that face. Google! What is the average ocean temperature in Oregon? Google! What exactly is a Jesuit? Google! Was Benedict Arnold really a bad guy? Google!
2. – I hit this a little harder during the NFL season. And take a nice break during the baseball season. But I still frequent it a couple times a week.
3. – I really love current events. I don’t know. Geography, Politics, Social Issues, I find them interesting. NPR on the radio rocks. But now that KJ has Sirius, I really need to check out some of the other news radio stations too. When work isn't crazy this is usually the first web site I check out over my lunch hour.
4. – Great information on about every show, movie, actor and anything else entertainment related.
5. My Yahoo! - A nice collection of news articles, comic strips, sports scores, and odds and ends.

… Indulgences
1. Long Showers – Nothing beats a long shower. No, I’m not talking 20 or 30 minutes. Let me lay down in the tub with the shower running and fall asleep. I think a good hour in a hot shower probably adds a year to your life. (But it isn’t very good on the water bill.) And of course I had to hear the fact the other day that if you cut off 1 minute of your showever every day you can save 700 gallons a month. Yikes!
2. Naps – I don’t indulge in these very often as I am HORRIBLE at trying to get up from a nap. I feel like a bear coming out of hibernation. Takes me like an hour to recover after I wake up. But there is nothing like it. Especially when you are on vacation and have no real pending tasks and you can really relax.
3. Carpeting and Tired Feet - Nothing feels as good as taking off your socks and shoes after a long hard day on your feet (which doesn’t happen often for me as I sit on my arse all day at work), and just rubbing your feet into the carpeting. I mean rubbing them in there good. Grinding them. This drives KJ nuts. She has a foot phobia as it is, and this just grosses her out.
4. I’m turning Japanese I think I’m turning Japanese I really think so. (If I have to explain, you don’t wanna know. Trust me!)
5. Watching TV alone - It is very rare that Kelly and I ever have any peace and quiet in the house. And I don't watch very much TV. But I do like to record some nice Food Network, Classic Movies, or History Channel shows. And those rare occasions that I can watch them uninterrupted are nice.

… Analisms
1. Getting dressed. I don’t know why but I hate putting on pants/jeans before putting on my socks. Gotta put the socks on first. I thought I was odd in this sense. But Kelly said she is the same way. So maybe it isn't that odd after all.
2. Sandwich Preparation. Mustard should never touch cheese. Always against the meat. Miracle Whip rules. Mayo drools. And should always go against lettuce. And the lettuce alwasy goes against the bread/MW. You'd never put it between a piece of ham and cheese. I honestly think I could eat just Miracle Whip and lettuce. Throw in some crisp bacon and I’m in heaven. I like condiments. Should attempt to have condiments on both sides of bread. Whether it be mayo-mayo or mayo-mustard. Ketchup does NOT go on sandwiches. Exception might be a hot meatloaf sandwich.
3. Toilet Paper. The toilet paper roll should be put on so that the paper is coming up and out over the top. Not down and out the back. That way it is closer to you. And you don't have to reach to the back to get the paper. But considering I'm the only person in the house that even put toilet paper ON the toilet paper holder... UGH!
4. Dish Washer. Kelly has a certain way of loading the dish washer. And I have a certain way of loading the dish washer. I've tried to tell her how to put the bowls... but she won't listen.
5. I can't think of anything else. Probably because I'm not that anal. But I'm sure Kelly will say I missed something.

… Comic Strips
1. Rose is Rose – I fell in love with this strip when Pasquale was talking “baby talk”. I loved trying to figure out what he said. But I grew to love the strip. The topics were always so great. It really celebrates the simple joys of life. And I love the artistry. Most comics are done in the same format, week in and week out. But this one has all kinds of “views”. Birds eye. Close ups. Weird angles. Everything. I am Pasquale. Life is simple. Everything is a joy.
2. Foxtrot – I am Jason Fox. I AM Jason Fox. Smart. Annoying. Gross. Computer geek (wannabe). Star Wars freak. Dungeons & Dragons playa. Sister annoyer. And at his age, I wasn’t very good at sports either.
3. Boondocks – I first saw Aaron McGruder on a cable news show. He was discussing really deep social issues. He seemed very young but seemed very intelligent and was extremely articulate. I sat and watched him talk for probably 15 minutes even thought I could have cared less about what he was talking about and probably would have disagreed with if I did. Caption said he was the creator of Boondocks comic, so I had to check it out. I’ve been a fan every since. Comic is great at poking fun of social and political issues. It has a very strong liberal stance. So it is odd that a white conservative would enjoy the rantings of a black liberal. But hey, good writing is good writing. And Aaron McGruder is great at poking fun at himself and those ideas that he supports too.
4. Family Circus – My favorite strips are the ones that show a map of the neighborhood/house/yard with a dotted line of how one of the kids got from point A to point B. And the longer I am a parent the more Bill Keane’s stuff hits home. As far as all time greats go… Keane is up there with Charles “The King of Comics” Shultz.
5. Peanuts - Come on. This IS the benchmark for all other cartoonists.

… Fictional Characters I’d like to “do”
1. Mary Poppins – “Practically perfect in every way” I wouldn't mind giving her a spoon full of sugar.
2. Jessica Rabbit – “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.” Throw all the erasers away… pppplllease!
3. Princess Leia – “I’d rather kiss a Wookie.” I’ve got something furry she can… oh wait, this isn’t the boys night out poker game. I shouldn't talk that way. Gotta love a sweet little princess that knows how to handle a blaster.
4. Samantha Stevens (Bewitched) - Oh come on now... as if she wasn't hot. And just think what she could do with that nose.
5. Ginger AND Mary Ann – Gilligan wasn’t a moron. He screwed up on purpose. He was a genius. Why would he want to leave a tropical island with two of the hottest hotties!???!!
Honorable Mention – Bionic Woman, Betty Ruble, and I Dream of Jeannie


At 9:25 PM, Anonymous ANN said...

OH MY GOD! And I thought Oprah & I were the only anal people about toilet paper! And the answer to the grocery question: ramen noodles, potatoes, and ribbon...LOTS of ribbon.


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