Monday, June 12, 2006

Flat tire, the park, KY Lake, Sewer, and Walking

The week started off rough as last Monday Kelly got a flat on the van. Luckily she caught me in time before I went out for lunch. It was a real pain as the spare would not come off. And with wanting to get rid of it in a couple months, I wasn't wanting to put much money in it. But dealing with the flat wasn't as bad as dealing with Kelly. She doesn't handle stress well. And when bad things happen she usually gets all P.O.ed. It's her M.O. But things turned out well.

Wednesday night Kelly went out to the movies. Hit The Omen. On 6/6/06. She hates to be scared ... and loves doing it. I think it is like those people who cut themselves and enjoy it. Or pick their fingers until they bleed. Yeah, those type.

Everytime Momma goes to the movies it is PARTY TIME for the kids. Usually we stay up late and build a couch fort in the living room and eat junk food and drink milk shakes. I mean come on, what are dads for? But since this was a week-night we opted for McDonald's to-go and the Red Park. (That's the Jasper Jaycee park. Kelly has never been a fan of our color-coding system for the parks in the area.) Afterwards we went home, had some icecream and I let them put in a movie and skip the baths for the night.

Thursday Kelly took the girls to Kentucky Lake. I was going to head down on Friday. So I had an entire evening to myself. So what do I do? Mow the grass that really needed it? Clean up the garge that I have been promising for weeks? Pack up for the weekend trip? Oh no, I get out my Horse Racing program for this weekends Belmont races and do some analysis on the races ... while playing online poker. I am so bad. But on the bright side... I made some good picks. I didn't make much money. But probably has to do with me being a tight-@$$ and only making 20 cent bets. Hey... I'm still learning this horse betting thing. I can't drop all my hard earned poker money on it.

Well I went to bed at 1:30am... without the bags packed. So I am up at 6am getting everything done. And you know what... packing really isn't that hard (unless you have to worry about 3 little girls). I got it all done and got a cooler packed too and was at work by 7am. 11:15 and I was out of there to meet up with Kelly's dad so I wouldn't have to drive the whole way down.

Kentucky Lake rocked! It was such awesome weather. I heard it was just a little cool up in Celestine. And I know we got some rain up here on Sunday. But at the Lake it was awesome. Even a bit on the hot side. Swimming off the dock at sunset rules. Saturday we went out boating and hit a sandbar. They had a rope swing out there. That was cool. I couldn't beleive how brave the girls were to go off of it. They had to climb up a tree and get about 8 feet above the water. And the steps were just some short pieces of 2x4 nailed to the side of the tree that was leaning out into the water. I even went off it twice. Pretty damn fun except when that rope curls around you when you let go.

That evening the girls learned to knee-board. Last year Mara and McKenna were scared to do it. This time I don't think they even hesitated. They were even fighting over who got to go first. I think Aunt Kasara did a great job of getting them "pumped up" for it. And Grandpa Shane is a very good teacher. McKenna and Micah got up on their first tries. But Mara struggled a little. After the first couple tries I was afraid she was going to be too tired. But Grandpa and Kasara kept working with her and she got up. Not only that, but she wanted to keep going. That was a great sign.

Sunday morning had us doing a little more knee-boarding before lunch. The girls would have kept going all afternoon but we needed to start packing up. I know they will be psyched to go to the Lake and do it again.

Trip back home wasn't bad. I thought the girls would crash 10 miles down the road... but noooooo. They were as talkative as ever. Finally after about an hour they did crash. And thank the heavens as after a weekend like that some peace and quiet was needed. After a quick dinner and some baths the girls were about ready for bed when the door bell rang. The neighbor was asking if we knew our Sewer alarm was going off? Uh ... no. We have concrete walls. You can't hear a thing from them. But going outside it was pretty loud. I bet that made the neighbors happy. Well we got it turned off. And of course. You know Kelly's M.O. ... Suffice it to say she wasn't happy. Me. I slept fine. Kelly called this morning. Looks like everything will be taken care of. Free of charge. Not worth worrying about things any sooner than you have to.

Last week only allowed me 2 days to go walking. Monday was Kelly's flat, Thursday it rained, and Friday I left work early. But I'm back on the horse as I went out this afternoon. It was funny, after I got back I was walking around getting my lunch warmed up in the breakroom. And my legs had the post-roller-skating feel to them. You know what I mean? You know where it feels like you still have the skates on and are still skating. That is what I felt like heating my lunch up. Felt like I was still walking. And then it occured to me. I wonder if that is what birds feel like. Flying all day. Down to get a worm. Looks over at his bird-friend, "Dude, it feels like I'm still flying." Yeah, I think I'll end on that note.

Top 5 for today??? I'm gonna have to give you and IOU. I'm running late for a meeting.


At 4:08 PM, Anonymous ann said...

you forgot to mention the sewer that's in your title! As usual, I am the 1st to comment. Glad you all had fun this weekend. It sounded like a total blast! Now go clean the garage!

At 2:16 PM, Blogger KJ said...

He either edited it and added it or you just didn't see it, Ann! Heck, I don't even know what the problem was. They never told me anything. The were over checking out the neighbors system and I yelled across the yard at 'em asking if it was fixed. "Yep" is all I got.


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