Monday, June 05, 2006

Walking, Cookies, Swimming, Birthday Party, Sheephead, and more Swimming

Not a very productive weekend. Or week for that matter.

Last Wendesday Kelly's parents, sister, and soon to be brother-in-law came over from Mt. Carmel to watch Mara play in her 2nd Tee-ball game. Mara was excited having everyone come to see her. Afterwards we went out to eat at the local sports bar/restaurant. It was empty. Granted it was 8pm. They were slow. As to be expected. But the service wasn't good. And the food was okay. But wasn't great. (Mine in particular was rather bland.) I think we need to find a new restaurant. I'm tempted to try the "seedy-bar" across the street. Hey, some of those places have the best food. Kelly's parents have taken us to several of those rough-in-the-middle-of-nowhere places where the food is just awesome. So you never know.

Been trying to walk at lunch. Normally I spend the hour reading on the internet or such. Walked twice last week (the other two days we had rain) and today. So I wouldn't call it a routine just yet. But the nice thing is I really enjoy it. And I don't just take a leisurely stroll. I go for the power walk (which in my opinion, if I was someone watching me, would think looked gay) to make it worth my while. I don't know if it is good or not but I've done about 2 miles in 30 minutes each time. Any more than that and I'm gonna have to start jogging. But to be honest, the walk is awesome. Nice paved trail along the river here. In and out of woods with plenty of shade to keep you cool. And jamming to MP3s.

Friday night was "party night". Uusally "party night" is when Momma goes out to eat or to the movies with some of her girlfriends. But Kelly has been slacking on her social duties and the girls hadn't had a "party night" in awhile. So we made cookies, the girls watched a movie, and we popped popcorn. Unfortunately since Momma didn't go out, we didn't tear up the living room with couch-cushion forts.

Saturday we did some running around. I had to return the tent we borrowed. Plus take a truck load of cardboard to the recycling center. That afternoon we headed out to the pool. Those girls could swim everyday. However this day it was quite chilly. I think the storms from the past week cooled things down. McKenna was shivering after a while with purple lips. And I was getting cold too. So we sat out after less than an hour.

Sunday the girls wanted to go outside and play. Apparently the neighbor girl was out so they went to play at her house. 20 minutes later her dad calls and asks if we want to come over for lunch and a birthday party. The girls loved that. Birthday cake and ice cream was very good. While the kids played, I got my first real introduction to Sheephead. I've got the rules down (I think) but it is hard to say as it seems different people play by different rules. I definately need more practice.

Afterwards, the girls begged to go swimming again. So after having them pick up the house a little we went back to the pool. I don't think the water was much better but they all 3 swam the whole time. I sat out with a headache. I did some reading while the swam. I'm halfway through my book. Only 3 weeks and I'm half way. I think I may finish a book this year. Oh, I've started a half-dozen... but I've yet to finish one.

This Thursday Kelly and the girls head to Kentucky Lake with Grandma Kathy and Aunt Kasara. I'll head down on Friday with Grandpa Shane and Uncle Donnie. Kelly's folks have a great place down there. Girls love it. And it is just very peaceful and relaxing. Definately looking forward to it. Who knows, I may even finish my book.

My Top 5 ...

...Hottest Disney Princesses
1. Belle - She is the "girl next door". Down to earth. Smart. Pretty. Doesn't have an easy life. But there is something about her. Maybe the fact that she plays "hard to get."
2. Jasmine - Jasmine is probably the sexisest. She's got the monster hair and the kickin' curves. And she's rich.
3. Cinderella - Cinderella is another with a rough life. She wins the prize for that. She's attractive. Just not sexy. But what do you expect from a movie from 1950.
4. Aurora - She's the standoffish hottie. You all know the type. She looks and acts like she is better than everyone else. Oh, she might not think that. But that is how she appears. She also gets low marks for her constitution. I mean come on, one finger prick and she's out.
5. Ariel - Ok, Ariel is hot. And half naked. But she looks 16 so its really hard to put her in the "hottie" catagory.


At 6:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay! You're starting to scare me with all of these girlie references. Princesses? It's time for you to grunt and fart. How about your top 5 comedians! Top 5 beers, top 5 sandwich toppings, top 5 porn stars. I think you are a fab dad, but you need some male time. LINGERIE ANYONE? What happened to my Stevie?


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