Monday, August 28, 2006

Christmas in August

Yes... it is Christmas in August. At least for most grown men with any interest in football.

Tonite Santa comes. Yes, it's the Fantasy Football Draft. The day that has been anticipated all month long. Hell, all summer long!

I've written my list (Torry Holt, Peyton Manning, Antonio Gates) and checked it twice.

For now I'll savor the moment. As it always is with Christmas, tomorrow morning I'll be saying. "It's over? That was it? I feel so unsatisfied."

But for now I'll revel in the anticipation of what Santa will bring.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Is it Fall?

Man the evenings have gotten cool. Feels like Fall is already upon us. Sun is going down sooner and sooner. The other night I only got halfway through mowing the lawn before it was dark. I've been able to mow after work all summer long.

Micah Jo is having her 4th birthday party on Saturday. Looks like the Fooks might not be able to make it so it will just be the Jewells and Uncle Brians clan. Still need to get her a gift. We are going to take her out to the restaurant of her choice tonite and then try going over to Fuzzy's (local putt-putt go-cart place.)

Another clue that summer is almost gone... the pool is getting a bit too cool when we go in the evening. We used to go swimming after I got off work all summer long. Now it is just a bit too cool.

My back still hasn't gotten better. Some days it is not as bad, but for the most part it is still there. Really it isn't my back, but my left buttocks and left hamstring. But per the Doc it is due to pressure on a nerve in my lower back. Buldging disk. Maybe deteriorating. If it doesn't get better in the next week I'll have to go in for x-rays. I'm not to crazy about this whole thing.

Had a Fantasy Football draft on Wednesday. Went well but not perfect. Always things afterwards that you wish you would have done better. The big one with all the guys from work is Monday. That is a tough one with 14 different teams.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Utter devestation

This weekend was sad. A very very sad day. Saturday the girls cleaned up the house (to my specification, no Kelly's, big gap there) and we loaded up after lunch to hit the Jasper City Pool. Ever since the last time we went they have kept asking about when they could go again. I kept promising them that Momma or myself would take them one more time before it closed. So we pack up the bag. I grab the camera so I can take some pics of JoJo on the high dive. We drive into town. Pull into the pool. And no one is there. We pull up aside it. There is no water. It has been drained. I then had to go into an explanation with the girls. Poor Poppins was mortified. She was balling her eyes out the entire time. Mara thought it was just closed because it looked like it was going to rain. I tried to explain to her that it was closed for the year. I'm not sure she believed me. We sat there for a couple minutes in shock.

I just had a preconviced idea that ALL pools are open from Memorial weekend until Labor Day weekend. It didn't even occur to me that the pool could be closed. But school had started that week and my only guess was that when school started, the pool closed.

So we decide to drown our misery in Momma hugs and swing by the hospital since it was only a couple blocks away. KJ consoled us. Even though the girls didn't act like they needed consoling running up and down the hallways like idiots. Finally we left and were going to go to the pool at my mom's camp. But on the way to the car I decided to call up a friend who had just put in an in ground pool this summer and we ended up crashing at his place for a couple hours. With some kids there and a whole ton of toys, the day was saved.

Oh, school started this week. Kelly is in such a nicer mood this last week. :)

Mara and McKenna both seem to love it. Yet Micah is disappointed that she doesn't get to go. But preschool starts up next week.

Last week I was a bum on walking at lunch. I got in Monday. Then had lunch with the boys on Tuesday and Wednesday. Then had to "cram for my exam" on Thursday and Friday. That's the excuse I give Kelly when I geek out over reviewing statistics et al for Fantasy Football. But that is what I love. I love combing the web for FF sites. I like compiling the data. Trying to figure out who is going to have a good year and who isn't. Ranking all the players. Planning a draft strategy. That's my fun. 'Cause I'm a geek. But hey, you just gotta be who you are. Oh but to my point... I walked today. Back on the horse.

Didn't do too much this weekend other than swimming. Cleaned up my garage for about 30 minutes. I think it looks worse now than when I started. LOL I got a new toy from my step dad that he didn't use anymore. Air compressor. It looks promising. But can't be as fun as the pressure washer. I got the general duties done. Dishes. Put some laundry away. Washed some towels. (I'm not allowed to wash anything else. Well, unless it is my own clothes... and I put them away myself.) Other than that I was a complete Poker / Fantasy Football bum this weekend. Felt good!

The county highway department is trying to pave our road/cul-de-sac. Its like chip-n-seal that was dirt and isn't in the best condition. But seems there are issues with where the current road is and how the drainage is set up. It will be sweet to have it paved. I just hope they get the issues resolved... and it doesn't cost us much money. When the road gets paved we will concrete the rest of the driveway to the road and have the sidewalk to the front door put in.

Soccer started for the girls. It was a warm day. And after one practice, McKenna was ready to quit. Said it was too hot. But I talked her through the issue. Let her know that the decision was up to her but there were consequences. Talked about why she didn't like it and what we could do about it. I think she is going back. But we'll see how it goes.

First FF draft is this Wednesday. But the "main" one with "all the boys" will be right before or after Labor Day weekend. Still trying to nail a date for that.

Wish me luck!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Michigan Weekend

Got back late last night from Michigan. Some how I was able to make an 8 hour trip into 10 1/2 hours! Of course I was never in a hurry on the way home. Stopped at the first reststop for a picnic lunch and threw the frisbee around. (Which of course got stuck up on the top of the shelter house that we ate at because of ME and I had to get Mara to stand on my shoulders with a long stick to knock it down. But let's not tell momma that one.) Then for dinner we hit a McDonalds with an outdoor play area. Weather was perfect. And of course I let the girls play for a long time (although not as long as they would have liked.) And then last but not least I'd like to give my thanks to the Kentucky Department of Transportation for scheduling road work to be done at 9PM on a Sunday night. Nothing like driving 5mph for 5 miles. Man I love that DVD player in Kelly's new car.

Speaking of Kelly's new car... That is one sweet ride. You might not think so by looking on the outside. Typical kid taxi But I was playing Tony Stewart driving through downtown Detroit at 1am on the way up Thursday night. Handles smoooooth. Accelrates great. Oh and those newly paved roads on I-75 really added to the experience. What is it about newly paved roads that just feels so good?

Anyway, back to the trip.

Left Thurday afternoon and arrived in our Metro Detroit area around 1:30am local time. Girls were great and the drive was easy. My sister, Jeanne, had flew in that evening and knew we was coming. My dad had no clue and my step mom knew we were coming but thought we were coming the next day. I actually thought about surprising my sis, but decided to play it safe. The wild thing was that we were all able to pile out of the car, into the house, and into bed without either of them waking up. Since they didn't wake up, we decided to save the surprise for the morning. When my dad poked his head in the door that morning, he got a nice "Suprise!" from his daughter and three granddaughters.

Oh, but it wasn't done.

We enjoyed a nice lazy day and then head out to a local park that evening for a dinner picnic. Of course my brother from Chicago is driving over that Friday night. I keep in touch with him that evening trying to determine when he will get in. He made it in after 12:30am. And again the old folks just slept right through the whole thing. And he ends up with another surprise that next morning.

Saturday afternoon we had a nice cookout and my Unlce Bud, Aunt Nan, and Aunt Bernice were able to make it over along with some of my cousin's kids.

Looking forward to seeing them again on Thanksgiving.

I think Kelly's starting to get giddy. School starts this week for Mara and McKenna. Kelly should enjoy a little more free time during the week with both of them gone to school all day. Bad news is she will no longer be able to sleep in until 9am every morning. Girls need breakfast, get dressed, hair done, etc. Why do I have a feeling between the girls and KJ that this is a formula for bad things. LOL

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Time to play catch-up!

Ok, time to get back to posting...

Last left off in late June. Oh how the summer flies. I hate summer flies.

Girls and I have been swimming like crazy this summer. Micah can practically swim in the deep water. Not that I'd ever let her do anything like that. *WINK* And oh... she likes to go off the high dive too. Mara and McKenna swim in the deep like it is nothing. I don't even worry about them anymore (which stresses KJ out.)

Over the 4th of July we went to St. Louis. It was a nice get away. We need to do that again. And you can make a cheap trip with the free zoo and Grant's Farm. But we didn't. So it wasn't. But the Arch is always cool.

Bought a new car. Kelly's been deserving of this for a long time. But I hate spending money. Being poor sucks. But we finally pulled the trigger. And Kelly seems real happy. Now if she will only let me and the girls ride in it. :( Oh, it is a Ford Freestyle for anyone who cares.

The day after we got the car we (which includes Kelly as it was her weekend off. yeah!) went up to visit my Homie in Chicago. Nice to go up there once a year. And cool thing was Jacob as up there too. We hit a Renissance Festival. It was fun. Girls got to dress up. Shows were great. And looking at everyone in "dress" taking in that midevil" flair is pretty cool too. I love all the craft booths too. But the food and rides... can anyone say "Ripoff Artist!"

We hit the Strassenfest this past weekend. First time I've hit the beer garden. I had a good time. Took the girls up the next night for rides and eats. Enjoyable but not too much for a family to do. It isn't like your local county fair. And again... the rides... "Ripoff Artist!"

Fantasy Football starts up at the end of this month. I am giddy. No seriously! Little boy in a candy store giddy? I think not! Little boy found his daddy's magazine stash giddy!!!

Thursday the girls and I are heading up to Detroit to surprise my dad. He turned 60 this year. My sis and bro will be there too. Should be fun. Sad that KJ can't come. She misses out on alot working weekends. That's why I really try and let her do her scrapbooking trips and such. Although I feel quite honored. She's gonna give up a scrap trip to go with me and some friends to Cedar Point. Cedar Point it right up there with Fantasy Football and magazine stashes!

I got a pain in my leg about 3 weeks ago. Thought it was just a pulled muscle. Then I noticed it went down my leg into my foot. Kelly agreed that I should see a Chiropractor. 2nd visit ever of my life. He thinks it may be a buldged disk. Great. Been seeing him about once a week and doing stretches. I thought it was helping... until Friday. Right now I can't sit down without my leg getting "tight". It doesn't hurt until I stand up. Then it is painful until I get it stretched out. If I am standing, walking, or up and about it doesn't bother me. But as soon as I sit down it kills me to stand up. I'm not convinced it is a spine thing. I may check with my regular doctor soon if this doesn't go away.

I know I left something out, but hey, that's life.

Updated the MP3 players. Some of the artists:
Matthew Sweet
Bare Naked Ladies
Jimmy Buffet
Dean Martin
Ugly Kid Joe
Sheryl Crow
Beach Boys
Van Halen
Grateful Dead
Kenny Loggins
Fergie Ferg (Gonna love you long time. Thanks for forcing this one on me Kel!)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Went walking at lunch today. Just a leisure walk as it is rather warm out.

Passed by an older gentelman, and as I do with everyone I pass, I smilled and nodded. He smiled and waved. And then it hit me... a huge emotion of missing my grandparents. Specifically I pictured both of my grandfathers. Tears started streaming down my face. I didn't know why. I just felt that I missed them very much. Luckily I had sunglasses on. But I had to keep wiping my face dry.


That's all I got today.