Friday, August 25, 2006

Is it Fall?

Man the evenings have gotten cool. Feels like Fall is already upon us. Sun is going down sooner and sooner. The other night I only got halfway through mowing the lawn before it was dark. I've been able to mow after work all summer long.

Micah Jo is having her 4th birthday party on Saturday. Looks like the Fooks might not be able to make it so it will just be the Jewells and Uncle Brians clan. Still need to get her a gift. We are going to take her out to the restaurant of her choice tonite and then try going over to Fuzzy's (local putt-putt go-cart place.)

Another clue that summer is almost gone... the pool is getting a bit too cool when we go in the evening. We used to go swimming after I got off work all summer long. Now it is just a bit too cool.

My back still hasn't gotten better. Some days it is not as bad, but for the most part it is still there. Really it isn't my back, but my left buttocks and left hamstring. But per the Doc it is due to pressure on a nerve in my lower back. Buldging disk. Maybe deteriorating. If it doesn't get better in the next week I'll have to go in for x-rays. I'm not to crazy about this whole thing.

Had a Fantasy Football draft on Wednesday. Went well but not perfect. Always things afterwards that you wish you would have done better. The big one with all the guys from work is Monday. That is a tough one with 14 different teams.


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