Monday, August 14, 2006

Michigan Weekend

Got back late last night from Michigan. Some how I was able to make an 8 hour trip into 10 1/2 hours! Of course I was never in a hurry on the way home. Stopped at the first reststop for a picnic lunch and threw the frisbee around. (Which of course got stuck up on the top of the shelter house that we ate at because of ME and I had to get Mara to stand on my shoulders with a long stick to knock it down. But let's not tell momma that one.) Then for dinner we hit a McDonalds with an outdoor play area. Weather was perfect. And of course I let the girls play for a long time (although not as long as they would have liked.) And then last but not least I'd like to give my thanks to the Kentucky Department of Transportation for scheduling road work to be done at 9PM on a Sunday night. Nothing like driving 5mph for 5 miles. Man I love that DVD player in Kelly's new car.

Speaking of Kelly's new car... That is one sweet ride. You might not think so by looking on the outside. Typical kid taxi But I was playing Tony Stewart driving through downtown Detroit at 1am on the way up Thursday night. Handles smoooooth. Accelrates great. Oh and those newly paved roads on I-75 really added to the experience. What is it about newly paved roads that just feels so good?

Anyway, back to the trip.

Left Thurday afternoon and arrived in our Metro Detroit area around 1:30am local time. Girls were great and the drive was easy. My sister, Jeanne, had flew in that evening and knew we was coming. My dad had no clue and my step mom knew we were coming but thought we were coming the next day. I actually thought about surprising my sis, but decided to play it safe. The wild thing was that we were all able to pile out of the car, into the house, and into bed without either of them waking up. Since they didn't wake up, we decided to save the surprise for the morning. When my dad poked his head in the door that morning, he got a nice "Suprise!" from his daughter and three granddaughters.

Oh, but it wasn't done.

We enjoyed a nice lazy day and then head out to a local park that evening for a dinner picnic. Of course my brother from Chicago is driving over that Friday night. I keep in touch with him that evening trying to determine when he will get in. He made it in after 12:30am. And again the old folks just slept right through the whole thing. And he ends up with another surprise that next morning.

Saturday afternoon we had a nice cookout and my Unlce Bud, Aunt Nan, and Aunt Bernice were able to make it over along with some of my cousin's kids.

Looking forward to seeing them again on Thanksgiving.

I think Kelly's starting to get giddy. School starts this week for Mara and McKenna. Kelly should enjoy a little more free time during the week with both of them gone to school all day. Bad news is she will no longer be able to sleep in until 9am every morning. Girls need breakfast, get dressed, hair done, etc. Why do I have a feeling between the girls and KJ that this is a formula for bad things. LOL


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