Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Time to play catch-up!

Ok, time to get back to posting...

Last left off in late June. Oh how the summer flies. I hate summer flies.

Girls and I have been swimming like crazy this summer. Micah can practically swim in the deep water. Not that I'd ever let her do anything like that. *WINK* And oh... she likes to go off the high dive too. Mara and McKenna swim in the deep like it is nothing. I don't even worry about them anymore (which stresses KJ out.)

Over the 4th of July we went to St. Louis. It was a nice get away. We need to do that again. And you can make a cheap trip with the free zoo and Grant's Farm. But we didn't. So it wasn't. But the Arch is always cool.

Bought a new car. Kelly's been deserving of this for a long time. But I hate spending money. Being poor sucks. But we finally pulled the trigger. And Kelly seems real happy. Now if she will only let me and the girls ride in it. :( Oh, it is a Ford Freestyle for anyone who cares.

The day after we got the car we (which includes Kelly as it was her weekend off. yeah!) went up to visit my Homie in Chicago. Nice to go up there once a year. And cool thing was Jacob as up there too. We hit a Renissance Festival. It was fun. Girls got to dress up. Shows were great. And looking at everyone in "dress" taking in that midevil" flair is pretty cool too. I love all the craft booths too. But the food and rides... can anyone say "Ripoff Artist!"

We hit the Strassenfest this past weekend. First time I've hit the beer garden. I had a good time. Took the girls up the next night for rides and eats. Enjoyable but not too much for a family to do. It isn't like your local county fair. And again... the rides... "Ripoff Artist!"

Fantasy Football starts up at the end of this month. I am giddy. No seriously! Little boy in a candy store giddy? I think not! Little boy found his daddy's magazine stash giddy!!!

Thursday the girls and I are heading up to Detroit to surprise my dad. He turned 60 this year. My sis and bro will be there too. Should be fun. Sad that KJ can't come. She misses out on alot working weekends. That's why I really try and let her do her scrapbooking trips and such. Although I feel quite honored. She's gonna give up a scrap trip to go with me and some friends to Cedar Point. Cedar Point it right up there with Fantasy Football and magazine stashes!

I got a pain in my leg about 3 weeks ago. Thought it was just a pulled muscle. Then I noticed it went down my leg into my foot. Kelly agreed that I should see a Chiropractor. 2nd visit ever of my life. He thinks it may be a buldged disk. Great. Been seeing him about once a week and doing stretches. I thought it was helping... until Friday. Right now I can't sit down without my leg getting "tight". It doesn't hurt until I stand up. Then it is painful until I get it stretched out. If I am standing, walking, or up and about it doesn't bother me. But as soon as I sit down it kills me to stand up. I'm not convinced it is a spine thing. I may check with my regular doctor soon if this doesn't go away.

I know I left something out, but hey, that's life.

Updated the MP3 players. Some of the artists:
Matthew Sweet
Bare Naked Ladies
Jimmy Buffet
Dean Martin
Ugly Kid Joe
Sheryl Crow
Beach Boys
Van Halen
Grateful Dead
Kenny Loggins
Fergie Ferg (Gonna love you long time. Thanks for forcing this one on me Kel!)


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