Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Labor Day, Anniversary, Kimball Picnic

Labor Day Weekend wasn't too exciting. We had hoped to go down to KY Lake after Kelly got off work on Sunday and spend the day down there with her parents. But the weather was way too cool and we knew that boating wouldn't be fun and swimming would be out of the question. Not worth the 4 hour drive. But as luck would have it, two of my closest High School friends were in town (MTC) with their families so we went and spent an evening with them.

The rest of the weekend was spent cleaning up the house. For some reason I got a bug up my butt and took down all the window screens in the house and washed them off. Then I took the deck off the mower and cleaned it out. I had also been meaning to put some sealant on our deck again so I figured since I had the pressure washer out I'd clean off the deck quickly and maybe it would be dry enough on Monday to treat.

Well after living in the house for over 3 years, the deck wood had turned a nice gray. I thought that I had heard that it was because of the sun and weather. Well I soon found out as sprayed off the deck that it turned from gray to brown. Wow... that gray isn't sun bleached wood... its dirt! So that led into me pressure washing the entire deck (I had just planned on cleaning off bird poop) in a very detailed manner. It was so obvious as to where I had washed and hadn't that I had to try and hit every inch that I could. That took the whole evening and some of the next day. Suffice it to say the deck didn’t get treated until later that week. However, we just got some rain this past weekend and I could see the water puddle up on the wood. Ah, the things that will cause a man joy.

Wednesday morning I woke up got the girls going as usual and happened to glance at the Calendar. Sept 6th. Oh piss! It's our anniversary! And I thought I had one more day to do my shopping. :) Well, I made sure to wish the missus a Happy A-Day just to let her know I remembered (yes, I have forgotten once.) Then over the lunch hour I hit a nice Brighton store and got a card. And called my mom to watch the girls. I ended up having to work late and didn't make it home before my mom got there. Which KJ was not expecting. Luckily it didn't throw her off and we had a nice evening in Evansville.

The girls haven't been getting to go swimming much. The weather hit a cool streak and then the camp pool closed on Labor Day (or so we thought). So the girls and I knew our last fling would be at the Kimball Picnic this past weekend at Holiday World. I was so hoping that it would be warm enough to hit the water park. They so LOVE that place. Thursday through Saturday it was really warm. I hoped that the temperatures held up. Then on Saturday I heard from two people that it was suppose to rain on Sunday. Ugh!! I checked the internet... 30% chance of thunder storms. :( Well we'll try anyway.

Sunday morning comes. Looks cool out. Mara says it looks like it rained overnight. Oh well, we'll try anyway. The girls seem to take their time eating breakfast (can you believe that KJ?) so they aren't done until 8:30. I tell them that I am going to take a shower and get ready. I stress that we only have one hour to get ready and they need to clean the basement, their bedrooms, and their bathroom. I then go off to a 30 minute shower as I gave myself a hair cut and also needed to shave. When I get out they are still in the basement. I look in their rooms adn bathroom. Still a mess. We have 30 minutes to get ready. And they aren't dressed and we haven't packed swim suits and towels. I am not happy. So I walk downstairs. They are building a couch cushion fort. And I would have noticed that it was a pretty good one, had I not been seeing red. I went off on them for the next 5 minutes. Told them that Holiday World was off (I really shouldn't give false threats) and thought that would put a fire under their butt. But instead of being upset and begging to go and working double hard to get everything done. They kind of just sat there and didn't do anything. Which after another 5 minutes made me even more mad. At that point, I lost my cool. And I really didn't plan on going. By now they had figured out how angry I was and were doing the chores that they were supposed to. I tried to calm down knowing this was a once a year thing that we really look forward to and didn't want to ruin. My mom showed up about quarter til 10 and helped me get the girls going. I ended up calming down and we got out of there about 30 minutes later than I had hoped.

Holiday World was great. We always have a good time. We usually have a method. Get in, hit the kiddie rides, run over to the Holidog town, go eat, hit the water park all afternoon, and then try for a ride or two on the way out. Mara wasn't very thrilled by the little kid rides this year. And all she wanted to do was go swimming. She knew we wouldn't go until after we ate so she kept telling me she was hungry and wanted to go eat. We ended up skipping Holidog town but hit a couple bigger rides on the way to lunch. We all did the scrambler and Mara and I did the Swinger. It was nice having my mom along to help out as we wouldn't have been able to do that last year when it was just the girls and I.

Lunch was nice as always although a bit crowded. But the water park was great. No too many people there. Maybe they were worried about the weather too. We stayed in there the entire afternoon until the water park closed at 5pm. The "Dumping Buckethead" is their favorite place so we spent most of our time there. However Mara, McKenna, and I did get away to a few of the bigger water slides. And we all went down the really big slides with the raft. We stayed until the very end running through empty lines to try and get as many water slide rides in before they kicked us out. After getting dried off and changed we were able to the log ride on the way out. The girls absolutely loved that no one was waiting in line as we were able to ride it twice without having to get off. Then with about 15 minutes to spare mom and Mara hit the Swinger while Lee-Lee, Poppins and myself hit the scrambler. We were buying ice cream at 6pm with our free Kimball Kash when the rain started. After a great day we didn't care. We stood in line with a towel over our head then took our ice cream to the eave of a store and enjoyed.

Awesome day!

NFL week one is here and gone! It was an nice to see some football again. Had to TiVo most of it since we were at Holiday World. Nothing like watching a 3 hour game in 30 minutes. The fantasy teams only faired so-so. Looking for a better week next Sunday.

Back is still bothering me. But not any worse. Maybe even slightly better. Maybe. Kelly got to do my x-rays. Doesn't look like it will show anything. Just need to keep up the exercises and stretches and hope it works it self out.

Soccer started up. Mara and McKenna had their first game this Saturday. But we thought the game was at 3pm and it started at 2pm. Luckily they got to get in about the last 10 minutes of the game.

Ok, fingers are tired of typing. Enough for now. I really need to snag some of KJs pics and put them in my blog. Blogs with pictures rock. Blogs without are boring.